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My name is Alexis Guevara and I love two things, Board Games and Designing.  I started out as a graphic designer for a fashion company and eventually moved up in rank in managing the company.  After 15 years I decided that I needed a change and follow my dream.

Playing Board Games with my family and friends it felt natural that I took my interest and translate them into a passionate project.  One day, I called my brother with excitement and we created company called Pearly Pigeon, the rest is history.

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My name is Edgar Guevara, Being a part of a team to create games are boundless to me, it’s been static to me ever since I was a kid. I went to Arizona and pursued my bachelor’s degree in Game Art & Design. I targeted my best abilities as a 3D Artist. When I came back home to the Bronx, I further explored my horizons in Videography and in video editing for a production company.


My brother called me and he gave me an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. After creating a cute New York pigeon holding a pearl,  our company was born. One day I opened my 10 year old sketchbook and realized that our ideas made out of lead and charcoal can come to life with our skills combined.

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